Frequently Asked Questions

When you are invited onto a project, you will receive an invitation email from Three Lock Box with a link for you to click to enroll on the project. When you want to access the project after you have enrolled, go to Click the Login button, and then enter your email address and password.
Click the link provided in the email and it will direct you to the enrollment page. You will have to provide information for the system, and you will have to electronically initial and sign an Enrollment and Control Agreement. After that, you will be enrolled on the project and you will be able to manage your lock box and apply for funds.
Log into the Three Lock Box system and select your project. When you reach your project status page, click the “Apply” tab. When you reach the Apply screen, click "New Pay App" and take the following actions:
  • You must input the amount of payment you are requesting. The amount is limited by the funds available in your lock box.
  • You must attach a .PDF of your payment application/invoice and other required substantiation for your higher-tier to review.
  • You may write a note to your higher-tier.
  • All pending applications from your lower-tiers will be rolled into your application unless you exclude them by unchecking the box next to the lower-tier’s application.
  • The “Total Requested Amount” in Step 1 should equal your net payment request in the application/invoice (e.g. Line 8 of AIA G702) that you attach in Step 2.
  • You must check the box authorizing Three Lock Box to generate an appropriate waiver and release of lien on your behalf.
You will receive an email notification when one of your lower-tiers has submitted a request for payment. In the Three Lock Box system, you may review the payment request and any documents attached by your lower-tier. You have the option to “Reject” a lower-tier’s payment application and you may note the reason for the rejection. The lower-tier may reapply. If a lower-tier’s application is acceptable, you may roll it into your next application for payment.
After you submit your request, you will see that your application has been “Submitted” for review by your higher-tier. When your application shows “Submitted,” you can still pull it back and modify it. Once your higher-tier sees your application, your application will show as “Under Review.” After the owner has approved payment, Three Lock Box will disburse funds and you will receive an email advising you that funds should be in your account within 1-2 business days.
If your payment application is rejected, you will receive an email notification from Three Lock Box. The higher-tier may note for you why the application was rejected. You may reapply at any time.
If the amount you want to be paid exceeds your contract balance in Three Lock Box, you must present a change order signed by both sides to Three Lock Box and Three Lock Box will adjust your lock box in the system. It is your responsibility to make sure Three Lock Box shows the correct amount of your contract.
You must present a fully-executed change order for the back-charge to Three Lock Box. We will debit the lower-tier subcontractor’s lock box and credit your lock box in the system based on the change order.
After the owner and any other required parties approve a payment application, a disbursement report is generated for Three Lock Box. Three Lock Box then disburses funds based on the disbursement report to each applicant via ACH transfer. The funds are transferred to the account provided by the payee upon enrollment in the system. Funds should hit the payee accounts within 1-2 business days after Three Lock Box instructs the fund transfer. After Three Lock Box performs the ACH transfer, the system generates unconditional lien releases and applications. The application which is “Under Review” will then show as “Disbursed.”
You may assign your supplier a lock box in the system and allow Three Lock Box to pay your supplier with project funds after your approval of its invoice. Three Lock Box will also handle all of the releases. To invite a lower-tier supplier (or subcontractor), log into Three Lock Box, click the “Parties” tab, and then click the blue “Invite Contractor” button. Enter the email address of your supplier contact, the nature of the supplier’s work (e.g. aggregate), and the actual or estimated amount of your commitment to the supplier for the project. You should also attach a copy of your supplier’s proposal or your takeoff supporting the lock box you are assigning.
The Three Lock Box system is transparent from the top down. A higher-tier contractor may access, review, and download its current and prior applications, as well as the current and prior applications of its lower-tier contractors. The owner has transparency for the entire project.
Yes, you can grant view-only access to any user you choose. However, only the authorized agent can manage your lock box.
The Three Lock Box system generates and serves pre-lien notices, and conditional and unconditional lien releases on your behalf.
Three Lock Box provides 1099-MISC reports after January 1st of each year pursuant to IRS rules.
The Three Lock Box system does not replace your existing workflow. It strictly manages the disbursement process.
Call Three Lock Box at 702-990-0119. We can answer your questions about using our system. We also can assist you using a session.