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    Paperless and transparent construction disbursements
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What We Do

Powerful Platform

Request and approve payments on a unified online platform. Monitor application and payment status in real time. Access from work, home, or on the go.

Built for Protection

Instruct prompt payments with audit trail. Receive payments directly from escrow account. Create automated and synchronized lien releases. Safely navigate project with state-of-the-art encryption and human oversight.

Project Transparency

Monitor lower-tier activity. Track application approvals and percentages of completion. View lock box commitments and scopes of work.

Paperless Workflows

Minimize paperwork. Centralize and retain project documents for easy access. Share project information with your team.

What is Construction Control?

A "construction control" is any person that engages in the control or disbursement of any funds payable to laborers, materialmen, material suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, or others, for the purpose of satisfying bills incurred in construction, repair, alteration, or improvement of any premises or that engages in the processing or approval of any mechanic's lien release, voucher or authorization for payment of a labor bill or a material bill, where such bill is incurred in the construction, repair, alteration or improvement of the premises.



Lender Protection

Three Lock Box will give the lender and its team a birds-eye view of the construction project. Our seasoned inspectors work with owners and contractors to ensure payment applications correspond with work performed. Our transparent direct payment system lets the lender see exactly where its loan funds go.

Landlord Security

Begin the landlord-tenant relationship on a positive note. Three Lock Box will assist the landlord and tenant with the paperwork necessary to keep the project free of liens. Our system's transparency makes it easy to manage tenant allowances. Key project documents are archived for each party's benefit.

Owner Control

Stay in control of your project. Three Lock Box provides the owner with organized and convenient project transparency. Owners easily can see every contract, subcontract, change order, payment application, and disbursement on the Three Lock Box platform. No payment is made without owner approval.

General Contractor Support

Minimize risk and oversee your project using a unified platform. Three Lock Box helps general contractors manage their commitments and make their projects profitable. We can be a powerful tool for your accounting team.

Subcontractor Care

Subcontractors do all of the work, but before Three Lock Box, they were the last to be paid. Take advantage of our simple platform and receive direct ACH payments for approved payment applications.

What Our Customers Think

In Noah Allison's system at Three Lock Box, everything is online, everything is live, everything is immediate. Budgets are readily seen and changes are readily done. There's just no delay for getting the business of project disbursement done. You can do it on your own time online 24 hours a day and that is such a great departure for how things are done everywhere else. His system is so different and so modern that it stands out head and shoulders above the others. In addition, there's a lot of integrity behind the system since Noah, an expert in the field, designed it. Ron Opfer, Director, Commercial Real Estate
Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
I was skeptical at first but loved it once we started using it. It was so easy to use and payments were fast - I thought it sped up everything. We've had to use other systems that are similar but nothing even close to as user-friendly and as good as this. It literally took me a minute or less to upload a 500-page bill, which was pretty awesome. Once I scan a bill and upload it to Three Lock Box, it takes care of the conditional release for me. It was an easy way to track what we owed our subs. The best part of it is how fast the payments came through. From billing to payment, it was a couple of weeks where normally it was a couple of months. Don Gubler, Accountant
Bombard Electric
Among the advantages of Three Lock Box is its ease of use. Between our trade partners (or subcontractors) and us, we don't have to have a whole bunch of paperwork. Everything is just done online. Owners can approve it right then and there. Things are done way more quickly. All of the proper paperwork is filled out and processed, so it makes everybody's lives easier. Other third-party escrow services still do paper. When you have a client who doesn't live in Las Vegas or have offices here, being able to do things online is quicker and more productive. Having the owner be able to see how much money is in there, making sure we get paid and making sure all of the proper releases are executed-it's very helpful. Holden Hsiao, Vice President of West Region and Information Technology Department
Out of all construction control/escrow services that I have used, Three Lock Box is by far the best and most user friendly. It is not time-consuming or a hassle to deal with. It is always a pleasure dealing with the Three Lock Box team as they are ALWAYS quick to respond. The fact that they pay subs directly and immediately after owners have approved the billings has made my job a lot smoother and a lot less stressful. It is really just a click of a few buttons, can't get better than that. Courtney Griffith, Project Coordinator
Kalb Industries of Nevada, Ltd.